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My CodeInvaders strategy

2007 September 10

There has been a few requests in my previous entry for the implementing my strategy. It was a very fulfilling experience that someone has need for my some of my work even though it was a simple demo for my AJSS computer programming workshop class. The code can be downloaded from here.

The context of the requests was that some of them were coaches for the National Infocomm competition in Singapore. One of their categories is the Virtual X Game 2007. Here is a short description of the event:

Organised by NTU School of Computer Engineering, virtualXgame (VXG) uses a battling game application (Eclipse IDE), where you command a group of virtual combatants by programming them with the best mix of characteristics and strategies. Your combatants will engage in a series if battles, and compete for virtual supremacy with other commanders’ troops.

Part of the National Infocomm Competition, VXG is well into its 2nd year of excitement. Take part in VXG and discover another side of programming, which is not always just coding. VXG challenges your strategic skills, teamwork, and fighting spirit to bring the game to the next level. Plus, over S$12,000 worth of prizes to be won if you emerge victorious!

Date of Competition: 3 November 2007, Saturday
Venue: Nanyang Technological University.

The competition uses the CodeInvaders Eclipse plugin as described in their download instructions. The coaches were trying to implement their own strategies and want to use my strategy as a base.

A Google search for “codeinvaders strategy” shows my blog post as a top 3 entry (Yey!). Good luck to the participants of the competition!

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