Allan Espinosa

Travel to Taipei

2007 November 24

Last November 18-24, I went to three research meetings and conferences in Taipei. My travel expenses were shouldered by the ONCO-MEDIA project while my hotel accommodation was sponsored by the ICT Asia seminar program. Both funding sources came from the French government. I just love being an academic!

I traveled via Cebu Pacific to the Taoyuan International Airport. Delegates were fetched by the organizers from ICT Asia. When we were going out the compound of the airport, I saw a very interesting name for a courier service in Taipei: Pinoy Express.

Pinoy express delivery service

It took almost an hour to reach the city. Our hotel, Academia Sinica Activity Center was located in the outskirts of Taipei. This made the trip even farther. The institute is a very big compound. It consists of various research centers from environmental science to high performance computing. Below is a view from inside my room:

Academia sinica

I will post later in detail what transpired during the conference like Ateneo’s presentations, the very impressive networking activities. Pictures will also be posted showing sights and sounds of Taipei.