Allan Espinosa

GRID Computing Now! - Competition 2008

2008 July 31

From GRID Computing Now! - Competition 2008. Too bad it’s only open for UK residents :(

Enter the Grid Computing Now! Competition 2008

Grid Computing Now! is pleased to announce its second competition for applying innovative grid computing solutions to an environmental problem. The competition is supported by the British Computer Society, The 451 Group, Intellect, Memset, Microsoft, National e-Science Centre, Oxford e-Research Centre, the Technology Strategy Board and WWF.

Of course supercomputing systems have are already widely used to analyze weather patterns like MM5 and other NWP suites. So what solutions kinds of solutions can show one’s creativity? The middleware component is very interesting for us system integrators but we build the system so that the end-user (the average scientist) can make their data exploration much faster and draw deeper insight into a situation. Computational scientists, meterologists and disaster rescue operatives coordinate their workflows together to support relief efforts in a natural disaster. It is indeed true that today’s grand challenges in science is also the concern of everyone in the society and not just a single discipline.

Other links that might be of interest is the press release of the previous winners. But I can’t find the links to the project deployments of the winning projects. Anyone know their URLs?