Allan Espinosa

Midwest Grid School 2008 @UChicago

2008 August 12

Yey! Malapit na malapit lang :) More information about the program and registration information is found in its OSG Page. Workshop dates from Sept 17-19.

The Open Science Grid (OSG), the TeraGrid and the Computation Institute of The University of Chicago present a three day intensive course in grid computing and its application to scientific discovery.

The course introduces the techniques of grid and distributed computing for science and engineering fields, with hands-on training in the use of national grid computing resources. The workshop introduces essential skills that will be needed by researchers in the natural and applied sciences, engineering, and computer science to conduct and support large-scale computation and data analysis in emerging grid and distributed computing environments.

School participants will work with grid computing experts during the 3-day training. The workshop will focus on enabling the use of the national cyberinfrastructure -The Open Science Grid and TeraGrid- to perform large-scale computations and data-intensive processing in the your field of research. Participants will learn to use grids of thousands of processors and will be able to continue to use these resources for their research after the class. We encourage you to bring your research project to us for suggestions and help in porting your application to the grid. We would like to offer you support in transitioning your application to this platform.