Allan Espinosa

Distributed High Performance Computing Fortran applications over Docker

2014 November 1

I will use this page as a notepad for my thoughts and notes for participating in Docker’s Global Hackday event in Tokyo [1].

I’ll be using MPICH [2] and try to run an mpi-based app over containers. Code will be posted on Github (aespinosa/mpich-docker)

Update: 2014-11-03 15:05

Working demo in Click on the Launch_Node job first. Then launch all the compute nodes by clicking each job’s Build button.


mpif90 /src/hello.f90 -o /app/hello

Running mpi

Two parts of an mpich run [3]:

  1. Launch node runs UI Process via mpiexec. This listens to a control port
docker run --rm=true \
  -e MPIEXEC_PORT_RANGE=1000:1000 --expose=1000 \
  -h master --name master test \
  mpiexec -hosts one,two  -launcher manual -n 2 /hello
  1. Compute node runs Proxy Executable and connects to UI Process (where the jobs are actually run) via hydra_pmi_proxy
$ docker run --rm=true --link master:master -h one test \
  hydra_pmi_proxy --control-port master:1000 \
  --rmk user --launcher manual --demux poll --pgid 0 --retries 10 --usize -2 \
  --proxy-id 0
$ docker run --rm=true --link master:master -h two test \
  hydra_pmi_proxy --control-port master:1000 \
  --rmk user --launcher manual --demux poll --pgid 0 --retries 10 --usize -2 \
  --proxy-id 1

Next steps

Write a custom hydra launcher instead of the manual one. Maybe a worthwhile project to work one.

Abstract write-up for Hackday entry

I demonstrate how to run a distributed Fortran application in Docker. For this demo, I will show how to build and run a Fortran90 program that computes the value of Pi using a distributed monte carlo computation implemented in MPI. I go into the details on how the mpich implementation of MPI works and how to get it running on Docker by descriptiong mpich (hydra)’s architecture. I then show the sourcecode contains in GitHub that Dockerfiles to build the application that uses the mpich MPI implementaton.

Full description of this hackday entry is in