Allan Espinosa

Book Release: Docker High Performance

2016 March 17

My book project with Packt Publishing has been released last January. The book is composed of various tricks on using Docker I’ve collected under my sleeve. In addition, I have also written how I think Docker relates to classic thoughts in Web Operations like continuous delivery, capacity planning, etc.

The following are some links where it is available both in print and online:

For questions and comments regarding the Code samples in the book, you can file them as GitHub Issues in dockerhp/code-samples/issues.

Here is the complete bibliographical information when citing the book in IEEE format:

A. Espinosa, Docker High Performance. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing, 2016.

Book discount

Edit (2016-03-25): Packt Pub has a 50% discount promo on my book until April 24th. Use the link below to get it:

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